Coronavirus: we have spaces available for volunteering on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Please contact us to book a space.

Volunteer with us and you could be: weeding, picking fruit, cutting spinach or chard, sowing seeds, planting out baby plants, weeding, harvesting coriander, upcycling old timber into posts for our chicken enclosures, digging new duck ponds, skimming duckweed off the pond, wheel barrowing compost onto beds, watering things, pruning hedges, (and so the list goes on!!)

We start at 0900 and run until 1630. You can join for all or part of the session. It’s best for us if you arrive either at 0900 or 1330, but we are flexible!!

Our social distancing measures mean that volunteers bring their own drink and food and we do not have any communal space indoors. Breaks are taken outdoors and at a distance of 3 metres between each person.

If you need gardening gloves we can supply them. They are washed after each session.

We have a cuppa mid-morning, a “bring and share” lunch at 1230ish and another break in the afternoon. Actually we usually seem to have more tea breaks than that.

 Lunch on the terrace!

If you are still here at 1630 we will send you home then!

You will need to dress for the weather, and wear suitable things on your feet – it might be wet and muddy underfoot. And when it is hot, it is really hot – we are a bit of sun trap.

Who can volunteer?
No prior experience or knowledge is needed. If you can get about outdoors and are fairly mobile you will be able to join in with what we are doing. Children are welcome to join in if they bring a responsible adult with them.

We have safeguarding arrangements in place for teenagers (12-16) to volunteer unaccompanied, which we set up on a case by case basis.

Please contact us to arrange a visit so you can some and see us to talk further.