Farm shop

We are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.
Our shop is in the doorway of a large barn which is open to the fresh air.

When the shop is open you can also wander round the farm – perhaps to feed the chickens, or maybe just sit by the pond and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the farm!

Our summer range includes:

  • our own produce
    • salad leaves
    • spinach, chard
    • beetroot, radish, baby carrots, celeriac, kohl rabi
    • onions, garlic
    • tomatoes, cucumbers, celery
    • fresh herbs – sage, rosemary, mint, lovage, parsley
    • french beans, runner beans
    • potatoes
  • Off-site range. From various local suppliers. They are not all organic, but it is a start. We will try to source organic produce for the future.
    • cauliflower or spring cabbage
    • carrots
    • strawberries/raspberries
    • mixed nuts
    • garlic (from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm)
    • roasted garlic (from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm)
  • chicken and duck eggs (and the occasional goose egg)
    • from our own free range and organically fed chickens and ducks. Highly rated by our customers, and usually we have a full order book.
    • free range duck and chicken eggs from Clayton’s at Romsey
  • organic flour from Shipton Mill (Gloucestershire)
  • Cheese from Lyburn Farm in the New Forest
  • milk refills from Dorset Dairy
  • Hampshire Salami
  • Hampshire oil and dressings
  • jams, pickles and preserves
    • stuffing mix- all our own dried herbs + a fresh egg!!! (5);
    • Isle of Wight Garlic Farm preserves: Roast Garlic Jam (10); Garlic Jam with Red Chilli (10); Olives Stuffed with Garlic (10); Garlic Mayonnaise (12)
  • hand made soap – from Southampton
  • refill detergents – bring your own bottles and refill the range of household cleaning products from SESI – ethical and environmental.
  • split logs – mix of seasoned soft and hardwood for £7/sack. (5 or more sacks at £5.60/sack)
  • Swedish candles (£12) – a great patio heater/lighter for your outdoor gatherings

Grow your own

We have a variety of bedding and pot plants/flowers including geraniums, iris, lilly, hazel. For example we have some vigorous day lily plants for sale right now at £6 each. They will last for many years and produce vibrant orange flowers that last a day and can be eaten (the only edible lily flower we know of). Once established they spread well and make a lovely edible addition to your garden.

Image by : By Fan Wen – Own work
CC BY-SA 4.0,

A word about our eggs

We sell eggs from our free range, organically fed chickens and ducks.

Our chicken eggs are much in demand and we have some long-standing customers and our order book is full. We are not currently taking more orders for chicken eggs.

Our duck egg supply is a bit better as we this year we grew the flock with some home-hatched ducklings.

Goose eggs with chicken eggs

Goose eggs are big!

The ducks and chickens free range around our meadows and under our trees. Their free-ranging is supplemented with organic feed. These organic layers pellets are quite expensive and it means that our eggs are 40p (£2.40 for 6).

Goose eggs are £1.25 each – available from March to May. The geese are our grass cutting team. They feed on grass (or apples if they scrump some!).

Looking back

Our Christmas 2017 line up:

Here is what we were selling in September 2017:

Deliveries? Pick your own?

We are developing our ways of getting produce to you.

In 2018 we delivered by bike to a local work place once a week where people buy fresh veg from their staff kitchen. We have also supplied The Art House Cafe.