Happy New Year! As we enter tier 5, we are still open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with the usual covid measures in place. We have been busy getting all our birds under cover/ under netting – we were put behind in this by the storm damage at the end of December, but have just about caught up. Thanks for all the offers of help, but we still don’t have sessions for new volunteers.

Farm Shop : 0900 to 1700 : Wednesday and Saturday. Fresh veg and Refill Detergents all year round. (more…).

Volunteering : We rely on the amazing work of our volunteers to get everything done. At present we can’t take on any new volunteers. Sorry. (more…)

Friends of Aldermoor Farm: We need your help and support. Joining the friends of the farm is a great way to give a wide range of support to keep the farm open and help us grow. (more…)

Coronavirus details

The shop is open, with social distancing measures in place.
Volunteering – we are not taking on new volunteers at present.

Nurturing the potential of people and land
We are a bunch of ordinary people working together to produce as much food as we can in a sustainable way. Our acre of land was overgrown for many years but now we are designing a beautiful and productive place using permaculture principles.

We need each other. That’s why we are a community farm. We believe everyone has great potential and we exist to nurture that potential. It is in working together that we can realise our potential.

We believe the land has great potential and we think of this as an acre of abundance. Under our care, the land will be both productive and beautiful.