Friends of the Farm

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Why “Friends of Aldermoor Farm”?

Aldermoor Farm is a community farm. By this we mean that we welcome anyone who wants to visit, volunteer or shop at the farm, and anyone who wants to be involved is a part of the community.

Aldermoor Farm is also a charity. We need support to make all the good things happen.

Some people strongly identify with the values of the farm and want to support it. We created ‘Friends of the Farm’ because we need this support and want to draw these people together. We want to keep you in touch with what is happening at the farm and share ways that we need help.

What is involved?

To become a friend of the farm we ask for a monthly donation of at least £5.

We value other support you can give to the farm, such as:

  • Being a customer at the farm shop
  • Joining in volunteering sessions
  • Helping at open days or special events
  • Publicising and promoting the farm to friends, family and beyond

Benefits for Friends of the Farm

Friends of the farm receive a quarterly newsletter via email with an overview of all that has been happening on the farm, and a glimpse of what is coming up.

You will receive exclusive promotional offers for the farm shop.

In the summer we hold a special annual event as a thank you for all the support given.

As a friend of the farm you will be supporting all the people that we nurture and enabling us to continue growing healthy food in a sustainable way.

How to join

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a friend. To become a friend, please fill out our online form.

If you have any questions you can email on or phone us on 023 8218 2716.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Aldermoor Community Farm and hope to make more visits in the coming months. I would love to join the friends of the farm support scheme. I don’t currently have the capacity to volunteer on site due to […] but would definitely be interested in doing so in the future. I’m more than happy to do anything that I can to spread the word, whether that’s promoting the farm online, bringing family and friends when visiting, or even organising fundraising events for the farm.

Example of someone emailing us to become a Friend of the Farm.