About us

Aldermoor Community Farm is a business owned by its members – we are a co-operative. Our goal is to operate a sustainable community farm, nurturing the potential of people as we nurture the land.

As a co-operative we are founded on internationally accepted values and principles. It is great to build a business on things we believe in.

Tracey - volunteer 1

Tracey – our first ever volunteer – after clearing all the weeds between the farm gate and the barn.

In April 2014 we leased an acre of agricultural land in the city of Southampton, UK (see us on Google Maps).

The land was completely overgrown – it had not been used for many years. The challenge is to restore it to something beautiful and productive. Our very own acre of abundance.

We are designing the new farm using the principles of permaculture. You can read more about our beginnings in our Annual Report to Jan 2015.

In addition to the benefit of good fresh food, we are a place where members of the local community are getting to know each other, a place where people find peace and well-being and a place where we are learning together.

We are inspired by the thought of

  • fresh food
  • young and old working together and having fun
  • working with nature, not against
  • reducing the need for inputs like fertilizers and fuels

It’s early days yet, but we have started to pursue our dream…

[website updated 02 October 2018]