Refill Detergents

We do a great range of refill detergents, supplied by SESI.

They are wonderfully ethical – not tested on animals, vegan, biodegradable, fair wages for everyone in the supply chain, no single-use plastic – all the containers are washed and re-used.

Customers tell us we are selling them cheaper than other local suppliers, which is great, as a core part of the SESI vision is to be affordable.

Here is our stock list:

Product £ per litre
Washing up liquid (spiced ginger)  £ 2.00
Washing up liquid (fragrance free)  £ 2.00
Biological laundry liquid (with fragrance)  £ 3.00
Non-bio laundry liquid (Unfragranced)  £ 2.50
Fabric conditioner (Cologne)  £ 2.00
All purpose surface cleaner (Lavender & Rosemary)  £ 2.00
Toilet cleaner (Lotus & Sea Salt)  £ 2.40
White vinegar for cleaning  £ 1.00
Hand soap (Fig)  £ 5.00
Hand soap (English Rose)  £ 5.00
Hard water rinse aid  £ 2.00
Dishwasher machine detergent powder (£ per kg)  £ 4.00
Eco laundry detergent powder (£ per kg)  £ 4.20