Volunteers work hard!

Here is a graph of the hours put in by volunteers on the farm since we started in April 2014.

There are 51 people who have come along to help out at least once – together they have provided a total of 1,461 hours of work on the farm.

We have some people who have really taken an active part in the development of the farm. There are 16 people who have been 3 times or more and of those, 6 people have been over 20 times.

We would not be were we are without all this working together. And it’s been fun!

ACF Volunteer Hours June 2015

In case you are wondering, these volunteer sessions have been complemented by the voluntary work of our supervisory team, Richard Pitt and Adam Brown, who have together put in 1508 hours to run the volunteer sessions and do other general work on the farm.