This is the low down on the tomato varieties we are growing this year. And we have a limited number available for ‘grow your own’.

[red] Stupice: This fantastic 1954 variety from Eastern Europe is an early vine tomatoes. Has been known to give a great crop simply in large pots on the patio. The plants are vigorous and produce red fruit with an excellent flavour. Ideal for outdoors, but also good in a greenhouse for early crops. Larger than a cherry tomato, but not as big as a beefsteak type, the fruit are about two inches across and ideal for salad use.

[red] Ruby : Beautiful red tomato from Bulgaria, early, very productive and tasty. The vines don’t grow very tall (so good at the shorter edge of a greenhouse) but make a good crop of really nice rounded red tomatoes for a long season.

[red] Gardener’s Delight: – possibly the most widely grown tomato variety as far as the amateur gardener is concerned. It is easy to grow. Not only does it tolerate a wide variety of soil and weather conditions but it regularly produces a heavy crop. It also has great taste and texture.

[red] Chadwick Cherry: Mid-sized, sweet, firm, bright red cherry with great flavour and high yield. The plants make long trusses with large numbers of really attractive, bright red tomatoes that are right at the top end of the size range for a cherry type. Bred by eccentric and visionary horticultural genius Alan Chadwick, who in 1967, and at the age of 58, gave up being a Shakespearian actor in South Africa and instead joined the University of Santa Cruz in California – to create and run their new on-site Farm & Garden project, run on egalitarian biodynamic principles. And as well as in inspiring a whole generation of market gardeners, he created this wonderful cherry tomato. .

[brown] Chocolate Cherry: A very sweet cherry tomato, with lots of purple-brown fruit about 1 inch across. You should get about 6 to 8 fruit per truss, and they keep well after picking. As well as the unusual colour, we think that this is an especially tasty variety, nicely sweet and fruity with a good balance of acid.

[yellow] Galina: A hugely productive cherry from Siberia – very sweet flavour balanced by good acidity. The bright yellow cherry fruit are in neat bunches, and don’t fall off when ripe, which makes picking easier. It is early to get going (not surprising given where it comes from!), but just as importantly, it fruits over a long period. Grow as a vine but let a couple of shoots develop for highest production.

[white] White Cherry: The best tasting and best performing ‘white’ strain of tomato that is available – sweet & fruity, with a real tomato flavour. The fruits ripen to a very pale yellow, almost pure white. The amount of exposure to the sun effects the amount of yellow. If there is good leaf cover, then you can get almost snow white fruits. Good for taste, productivity and looks.

[orange] Tangerine: A brilliant orange, with a great balance of sweet and acid, and is quite large for a cherry tomato – about one and a half inches across. The vines grow to a decent height and produce lots of fruit over a really long season.