Tomatoes 2022

Our tomato plants are now on sale!

We’ve grown them from seed in our polytunnel, using heat from compost to keep them at the perfect temperature.

These are not just any tomatoes. They are all very tasty and cover a range of sizes, shapes, colours and tastes. You can read the details on this page.

We are selling them at £5 each or 3 for £12.


  • These kinds of tomatoes produce fruit at the tips.
  • Let form into a bush shape. Don’t pinch them out.
  • They tend to fruit all at once.
  • They tend to fruit sooner than vine tomatoes.

Dwarf Cherry – we are not sure the variety, but this feisty plant will do well in a container and give decent sized cherry tomatoes. We started them off in our compost-heated hot box in February and they are already flowering and producing fruit.


  • fruit produced on trusses alternating with side branches
  • will keep growing up for as long as the weather is good
  • a succession of fruit as each truss ripens

Galina – Super-Early, but fruits over a long season. Bright-yellow cherry with sweet flavour and a thinner skin. Very productive. Comes from Siberia. Don’t be put off by the leaves – they look more like potatoes than tomatoes. Fruits grow to about 2.5cm in diameter and resist cracking. Grow as a vine, but let a couple of shoots develop if you want even more tomatoes!

Ruby – Early and productive; nice rounded red tomatoes. Can grow as bush or a short vine (1.2m)

Purple Ukraine – An early, reliable and productive Ukrainian heirloom variety producing purplish black plum shaped fruits 7-10cm long (to those in the know, the size and shape of a goose egg). Great in salads or cooked. Leaves are dark green and feathery – an attractive addition to your greenhouse.

Ailsa Craig – a fine old variety bred in Scotland in 1908. Tough, reliable and early to fruit. Bright red, medium-sized fruits and excellent flavour. Good disease resistance – will cope quite well outside if you don’t have a greenhouse Grows to 1.5m

Gardeners Delight – a small, super-sweet variety of the classic red tomato. Easy to grow. If we get a cool spell in early summer it will slow down, but will start growing again when the temperatures rise again.

Yellow delight – yellow cherry. Similar to gardeners delight but yellow.

Chocolate Cherry – deep red/black cherry tomatoes with rich sweet taste. Can leave 2 side shoots to grow on as this plant produces comparatively little fruit.

Skykomish – beautiful orange tomato, bred for resistance to blight. Quite large. Good taste.

Jen’s Tangerine – brilliant orange, great balance of sweet and acid. Large for a cherry tomato. Vines grow to a decent height and produce lots of fruit over a really long season. Seed has come from high in the mountains, so it is used to cold nights and short seasons.

Beef Steak – an unknown variety grown from seed saved by some friends.