Knowledge is meant to be acted upon

This is the third week that Kathy and I have BOTH been working part-time.

Many questions remain about how we will realise our dream, but real things are taking place in the real world:

  • 22 July – Our registration as a co-operative came through.
  • 26 July – Kathy’s last day on a full-time contract.
  • 27 July – We heard that an offer for the land had been accepted – and the new owners plan to lease it to Aldermoor Community Farm.
  • 10 Aug – We had permission to visit the land and had our first planning meeting.
  • 16 Aug – We became members of Cooperatives UK.
  • 23 Aug – We finished the lecture section of our on-line permaculture course.

The permaculture course teaches that information, knowledge and understanding really are useless unless applied. Unless you take action.

And as we take action I am experiencing many moments of joy.

There are moments of apprehension and many unanswered questions about the future but greater than these is my growing experience of joy in what is becoming reality.