Starting from nothing

I am at the beginning.

Starting from scratch isn’t easy. No one is giving instructions. There are no routines. We have nothing in the ground growing.

I always said I’d never run my own business, and here I am doing just that. In addition my business partner is my wife and I always said I’d never run a business with family. It is all new. We are starting a community farm. We are designing a permaculture small-holding. We are designing a scheme to help people who are out of work. I have never done any of these before.

The site we are acquiring is thoroughly overgrown. Nature is very busy covering everything with brambles, self-seeded oak saplings and willows. It is shelter to roe deer, badger, fox and many, many birds. In terms of farming, it is a blank sheet.

Looking across Aldermoor Farm

Everywhere I look I see a blank sheet.

But I am not without resources.

  • Faith – God is breathing life and joy into me all the time as I think of what Aldermoor Farm will become. The steps we have taken to get this far are in themselves a great comfort and example of His involvement and guiding. His promises are ultimately the foundation we are building on.
  • Friends – the ‘community’ part of community farm is evident already. So many people offering moral and practical support.
  • Permaculture resources – an equipping methodology and body of knowledge. I have courage to go on because those who have gone before freely share their knowledge.
  • Time – I no longer have the commitment of regular paid work.
  • Co-operative company – we have a registered organisation to carry things forward.

So I am not at the very beginning. I can see that we have begun.

Starting from scratch isn’t easy. There are no routines telling us what to do. There is nothing in the ground growing. But we are growing something. We are growing our own organisation. We are telling ourselves what to do and building a vision, a dream. We are building it as we want it to be.

If you look across the farm now, you don’t see anything growing, but we are already growing something, and we are growing that from nothing.

Better go and get on with it then!