Slightly overwhelmed (but with a way to make a road map)

We’ve now completed our Permaculture Design Certificate. It was an action packed 14 days taught by Aranya and hosted by those lovely people at the Sustainability Centre. (excellent lunch and dinner every day at the Beech Cafe – seasonal and tasty).

Richard's certificate from the Permaculture Design Course The design course is comprehensive – for me it’s like doing my 3 year Environmental Science degree all over again, but in 14 days. It’s a wide body of knowledge, but it’s held together well by the design principles and basic ideas that keep coming up.

I’ve returned with a full notebook (it’s actually a full 2012 diary I bought for 50p – feels like I did a whole year of work in two weeks!!) We have loads of new knowledge and ideas for how to pursue our sustainable small-holding dream. And we’ve got some ideas for how to process it all and focus on what we are going to do first.

Here we go then!