Permaculture Southampton 2018-05-19

In February and March we visited Liz Batten and had a really good time sharing our permaculture ideas and doing some practical work in her back garden.

This was a simple but effective way of exploring permaculture together and we are keen to try it in another context. Do you have a project we can visit and follow the same kind of pattern? We think it is good to meet twice, to give time to think about the project and then do what we can the following visit.

In the mean time, on Saturday May 19 we are meeting to swap excess plants (and maybe also seeds). It often happens that gardeners have a few spare plants that they have grown and would be willing to swap with others for something different.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any plants – come and join the conversation over lunch, when we will share our interests and expand our knowledge around permaculture. Bring your questions, ideas, inquiries, projects and problems that can be explored by the group using permaculture ethics and principles.

The plan is to arrive at 11am for the swap and we will talk permaculture over a shared lunch. There will also be some plants and perennials on sale from the farm.

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