Permaculture Southampton 2018-03-17

In February and March we visited Liz Batten and had a really good time sharing our permaculture ideas and doing some practical work in her back garden.

This is the background to the work we did with Liz:

At the first meeting of the Permaculture group at Aldermoor Community Farm last year, my theme for myself emerged as “coming home”. My life is spent mostly looking outwards, running campaigns, and not much time spent with “me”. I wanted to remedy this imbalance by using Permaculture principles. So, I battled with my reluctance to ask for something for me, and asked if members of the group could meet at my house, to help me think about the design of my garden and (I later realised) help me get unstuck, help me “come home” to my garden, which is laid out as a fruit orchard.
[Read more about the February session at Liz’s here]

Here is the final installment from Liz:

Thank you so much for braving the weather and helping clear the old wood out of my garden last Saturday. We accomplished a lot in a short time and now I feel ready to greet the Spring.

During the time between the two sessions I was observing what the bees were enjoying and have identified two plants which will fill the “hungry gap” for the bees. These are hellebores (Lenten Rose) and pulmonaria (common lungwort). Bees love them. I am also going to add Daphne Bohlua (very fragrant).

Finally, as I now have a ready-made seating area, exposed by removing the wood pile, I have decided to make it more private by planting a screen of runner beans. So I have, with the help of the group, achieved what I wanted for my garden.

Thank you very much, and I hope to get an opportunity to help with someone else’s garden.

Warmest wishes,
Liz Batten

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