Permaculture Southampton 2017-10-21

We’ve now considered the first three principles of permaculture and we find that they are giving us insight as our discussions continue. We are getting good at thinking of the things that matter to us in terms of systems. This month we are thinking about the signals we get from our systems that show us the ‘bad’ consequences of our activities.

The principle is 4. Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback.

In acknowledging the harmful consequences of our systems we will be considering where we set the edge of our systems because that defines where we accept the responsibility what needs to be regulated.

Powerful ideas this month include:

  • different attitudes to things that belong to “me” and things that belong to “us” (or others).
  • isolation from the consequences of how our system is designed
  • self-responsibility – a powerful change agent
  • self-reliance and it’s relationship to self-regulation

Outline for the day:

  • [optional] 1000 Volunteering: Come and do some work on the farm to immerse yourself in what we have been learning about permaculture.
  • [optional] 1230 Bring-and-share lunch
  • 1330-1630 Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback: We are working through the 12 principles of permaculture as defined by David Holmgren. The hosts (Richard Parker and Richard Pitt) will introduce the topic and help us as a group consider how the principle applies to us here in Southampton.

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