Outdoor Kitchen – Timber frame

This is page 2 of our Outdoor Kitchen story.

We had finished the concrete base in April, but our volunteer carpenter who was designing the timber farm had to take some time off as his wife gave birth to their third child in mid April.

We had to wait for his expert help, and we were also very busy with our summer programme of vegetables. We continued to landscape around the outdoor kitchen as we waited.

We were able to carry on in August. This page tells the story of how we got the timber frame up.

We had a lot of long pieces of timber to walk over to the site.

It was quite technical, making the beams and fixing them to the posts.

Celebrating the first big milestone in the timber frame.

It was good to have a large team to get the heavy posts and wall plates up.

Here is a time-lapse run through of putting up the posts. Watch for the chickens to the right of the picture too.

We missed a few picture opportunities when we put the roof up, but here is an early shot of the joists.

We had to work at the top of the ladder for some of it!

Big thanks to Sam Pitt (Brothers Carpentry and Joinery) who volunteered several Saturdays to lead on the timber frame construction. We couldn’t have done it without him. (And thanks to his family who gave him up for the day those times)

Finally, by mid-October the timber frame was finished.