Outdoor Kitchen – January 2022

This is a project update for our Outdoor Kitchen, January 2022.

We are so pleased to let you know that the construction phase is finished!

We had no idea it would take so long and we feel the pressure of our unfulfilled pledges, but we have news on all that here.

First a message from Farm Manager, Richard Pitt

During the 2021 growing season Louiza (our Edible Schoolyard Project Lead) was engaged to run Edible Schoolyard sessions at the New Forest Small School and has developed resources and ideas for the sessions that will be run at Aldermoor Community Farm. However, as mentioned in the above video, there won’t be any Edible Schoolyard sessions in 2022 as Louiza is going to be on maternity leave. We remain committed to the project, but it will have to wait until Louiza has capacity.

In the meantime have an exciting 2022 ahead of us. We will be using the space for workshops, social activities and hopefully a Saturday morning pop-up coffee shop.

Now here is a look around the finished Outdoor Kitchen structure:

Elsewhere on our website you can see more detail of the construction phases. We have photos and details of making the concrete base, putting up the timber frame, and covering the roof.

We remain indebted to our supporters – this is something we all have a part in.

We will continue to send out updates as we prototype the worktops and units we will be making to kit out the space.