Outdoor Kitchen – Foundations

This is the beginning of the story of the construction of our Outdoor Kitchen.

On this page is how we made the concrete base. Other pages tell the story of the timber frame, the roof, and the first few events in it.

First we had to dig out the 7m x 4m footings for the foundations…

…the team from the Rotoract Club of Winchester did most of the digging!

Next we made the timber formwork and laid a sub-base from hardcore and scalpings.

We had a lot of ballast and scalpings delivered.

We got good at mixing – we did just over 90 loads in the end!

The pad was so big we split it into 3 sections, taking a day to do each one.

We helped each other pour the cement.

And we learnt to get it level.

It built our confidence (and our muscles) to learn new skills.

Lots of different volunteers enjoyed the learning process.

Finally, by mid-April the base was finished.

Follow the story with a look at how we built the timber frame and the roof.