Friends of the farm

Why “Friends of Aldermoor Farm”?

Aldermoor Farm is a community farm. We are in this together!

Friends of Aldermoor Farm is a group of individuals who are committed (in one way or another) to supporting the work of the farm.

We created this group so that we can communicate well with you and let you know all the different ways you can help.

Who is it for?

This scheme is for anyone who believes in what we do and wants to support the farm community. Any adult can become a friend.

What is involved?

The basic requirement is that you can offer some kind of help for the farm community.

Friends express their support in various ways:

  • using our shop
  • giving practical help as a volunteer
  • helping with open days and other special events
  • giving a regular donation of money towards our costs
  • telling friends and others about the farm, helping to publicise it

How to join

To become a friend, contact us and let us know what kind of support you are offering. You can email us on or if you don’t do email you can phone us on 023 8218 2716.

We need to know your name, your home address and email address.

Activities for Friends of the Farm

We will send newsletters out to the friends once a month by email. This will give an overview of what has been happening on the farm, and what is coming up.

We will hold special events for friends several times throughout the year.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Aldermoor Community Farm and hope to make more visits in the coming months. I would love to join the friends of the farm support scheme. I don’t currently have the capacity to volunteer on site due to […] but would definitely be interested in doing so in the future. I’m more than happy to do anything that I can to spread the word, whether that’s promoting the farm online, bringing family and friends when visiting, or even organising fundraising events for the farm.

Example of someone emailing us to become a Friend of the Farm.