February sun

The following words are from Milo Maguire, on Wednesday 7 Feb 2018.

Milo and Simon finish the brick edging

A beautiful day at the farm. Young February sun dazzling in a winter sky.

Geoffroy was collecting wheelbarrows full of bricks from everywhere and arranging them to form the border of a new garlic bed.

Looking closely I noticed that some of the found bricks were engraved with a letter ‘P’.

Richard mentioned that the ‘P’ bricks are all very old- dating from the 1800s in fact. The reason someone engraved them so is now forgotten.

There are other bricks too, all collected together and all from different times, different phases in the farm’s history. Perhaps some from a pig sty long since demolished.

Now all rearranged together to find a new purpose – beautiful and practical.

We had lunch in the open air. The meal included radishes that have popped up of their own accord and rocket from the polytunnel. Hot and nutty.

A buzzard circled overhead surveying the scene.