The cucumbers we are growing this year are all easy to grow heritage varieties and they are much easier and less fussy than the hybrids. You don’t need to pick the male flowers off, and they don’t go bitter if you grow several types. All you do is plant them and look after them. And then you can save seeds from them to grow next year.

They can grow indoor or out, along the ground, or trained up netting to save space.


Wautoma: a cucumber developed by the University of Wisconsin in the 1980’s. It can either be used small for pickles or left to grow for use as a slicing cucumber. The plants set many lightly striped dark green fruit , with tiny white spines that come off easily. Quick to set fruit, bitter-free, high-yielding and has a reputation for resisting cucumber diseases.

Chengelkoy: A delicious traditional salad cucumber originating in Turkey that grows well in the UK. It has a smooth, tender, thin green skin with no bitterness and is very prolific.

Boothby’s Blond: It makes sweet crisp fruit, best taken when about 4 inches long, and comes from a region in Maine, US, with cold springs and a short growing season, so it is well adapted to setting fruit pretty quickly. The fruit ripen to an amazing bright yellow colour while still being good to eat. Really good flavour eat them for snacks like a piece of fruit – they are the perfect size to slip into a lunchbox for a refreshing snack.

Poona Kheera: An unusual cucumber from India. It starts out a very bright lime green, but as it gets bigger, it turns an amazing orange colour. It is very, very crisp and crunchy – even for a cucumber. It is good eating at all stages.