Christmas Trees 2021

We are very excited to announce that this year we are stocking top quality Nordmann Firs grown by Woodman Trees, just north of Winchester.

You can get a quality tree from us at a reasonable price:
4ft – £20
5ft – £25
6ft – £35
7ft – £45

And how about this – when you’ve finished with your tree you can bring it back to us and we will shred it and use it as mulch for our paths!!

These are Nordmann Firs – they draw in water and retain their needles for a longer period compared to the traditional Norway Spruce and other types of Fir.

We had a very interesting time learning about how they are grown when we went to meet the team at Woodmancott. It is a stunning location on the downs north of Winchester.

There are half a million trees there.

The trees are planted out when they are 3 years old and grow on for another 6 years before being harvested.

There is so much care each year to ensure they form a traditional shape.

Taking in the trees!

Care of your Tree

Cut trees are no different to cut flowers and they will dry out if they cannot draw up moisture. For best results, cut half an inch off the stem and use a water-filled Christmas tree stand.