Apple Pressing 2015

Harvesting – Saturday 17 October
Juicing – Sunday 18 October

general viewWe had a great day teaming up with friends we know through Southampton Seed Swap and Transition Southampton at our apple pressing day on Sunday 18 October. We had two scratters going and three presses and managed to get through all the apples we had collected on Saturday, plus every single one that was brought on the day. Everyone went home with at least 4 pints of fresh apple juice and some with considerably more.

It was a wonderful experience – none of us at the farm could have done this without friends sharing their knowledge and equipment. Definitely something to do again next year.

How it workedBrens Press

Before the day we gathered info on who had an apple tree they wanted to harvest. On Saturday we split into groups and went to do the harvesting.

On Sunday we started gathering at Aldermoor Community Farm at 10am. We were able to work outside and set out a table for chopping apples – we found they scrat best when cut into quarters. We had plenty of helpers so it all went quickly.

We had a press we borrowed from Ashurst and Colbury Community Group, and a press made by one of our members.

Bike loaded with press and scratter
Then Helen arrived with a press and scratter borrowed from Mansbridge Community Garden.

She came by bike – quite an achievement when you consider the hills between her house and the farm!


We were really on top of it with all that kit and all that enthusiasm.

brens press ashurst press chopping

We enjoyed some excellent apple cake, and a shared lunch of bread, cheese, pickles, chutneys and pizza. All homemade – wonderful fayre.

One person only heard about it via a friend on Facebook on Sunday morning and immediately when out, harvested her apples and came along. She was thrilled to make the juice.

We learnt alot and perhaps the best was that if you have a go at something new, your friends can pool what they know and you all learn together.