Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you everyone for the overwhelming generosity expressed to the farm in our appeal for funds towards our salaries budget.

My wife is approaching early retirement as a nurse, and wants to spend more time with grandchildren and also to help on the farm. So I can no longer afford to volunteer as much as I have been and the trustees plan to increase my paid time to 4 days per week. 

We needed to raise £3858 to cover the first six months of this increase. The details are in this video:

The salary appeal was launched because were offered £1,000 of matched funding. 

I was blown away by the way it took less than 24 hours to reach the £1,000 target. I was so uplifted and encouraged by this.

This is where things currently stand:

  • We have £2,120 of pledges through the Give As You Live page
  • There will be £412.50 of Gift Aid added to this. 
  • The matched funding is £1,000.
  • There will be £250 of Gift Aid added to the matched funding
  • In addition there are new monthly donations totalling £115 per month. 

We’ve done it! 

We have reached our target for the first 6 months AND can begin saving towards the following months!!!

I am so encouraged by this generosity, and by the wide circle of family and friends who have supported me. It is also amazing to think of the numbers of people I don’t know personally who have a connection with the farm and have supported us. 

To everyone who has helped – THANK YOU. Let’s celebrate what we can do together. If you haven’t given yet but want to, we are not quite at the end of September and there is still time to make a donation.

Thank you all.

I hope to see you at the farm some time soon. We are in the midst of the best harvest season we have ever known on the farm. 



(Richard Pitt, Farm Manager)

This is me on our Outdoor Kitchen build.