Spring 2016 Saturday Sessions

Announcing Saturday sessions for volunteers in February and March!

Our Saturdays start at 0930 and run until 1230. We have a cuppa mid morning and then if you want to stay for our “bring and share” lunch at 1230 that is encouraged! We send everyone home and lock up after lunch.

These are the definite dates and the probable activities we will be doing:

  • Sat 13 Feb – sorting seeds and putting them in envelopes ready for the Seed Swap on Sunday 21 Feb; preparing the geese lawn
  • Sat 27 Feb – creating our geese paddock and sowing a lawn for them; digging swales.
  • Sat 12 Mar – preparing our 3 sisters bed, digging swales and ponds.

Our main activities on the land at the moment are…

  • Taking control of the whole site by:
    1) setting up growing areas covered with wood chip to keep the weeds down and
    2) digging ponds and connecting them with our swales (special kind of ditches) to manage the water and make lots of beautiful water habitatswoodchip team
  • Setting up the polytunnel for producing many wonderful plants from seed.
    We will be putting most effort into perennial plants (ones which don’t grow and die all inone year, but last many years). Adam tells me that perennials stay in the polytunnel longer than annuals, so we will have lots of interesting plants to nurture in there this year.polytunnel workers
  • Preparing for the arrival of Sid the gander and his 6 geese in March. (we haven’t got a picture of Sid yet – this image comes from wikimedia.)360px-Geese_Fruggo01We are making a fox proof area for the geese and seeding one of the areas the pigs excavated in the autumn to make a luscious lawn for them as grass is their main food.
    We have been given Sid by a lady who is closing down her small holding. If anyone else fancies some pet geese – great for keeping the lawn cut – please let us know and we can put you in touch.

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