Shop open

tomatoes and squashOur shop is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 9am to 4.30pm.

We don’t have a huge stock during the spring, but it’s always worth a visit to come and look round the farm to see what is beginning to grow. You can also feed the chickens and look for fish in our ponds.

Summer 2016 was our first real season selling our produce. We sold loads of french beans, runner beans, lettuces and beetroot over the summer. All we have for now is eggs, spinach, and our range of jams and chutneys. This year we will produce much more fresh veg: onions, garlic, radish, beetroot, lettuce, mixed salad leaves, mange toute, tomato, carrots, chard, spinach, cucumber, french beans, kale, runner beans, squash, herbs, We hope to have some currants, apples and pears too.

We sell duck and chicken eggs. There may be goose eggs later in March – they only lay in the spring

Goose eggs with chicken eggs

Goose eggs are big!

The eggs are 100% organic – the ducks and chickens free range around our meadows and the feed we supplement them with is organic. These organic layers pellets are quite expensive and it means that our eggs are 35p for chickens (£2.10 for 6) and 45p for ducks (£2.70 for 6).