Baths, Barns and Rain

This is the first of a new series – posts by volunteers about their time on the farm. Thanks to Milo Maguire for this one. Written on Friday 24th July 2015, which was a very wet day.

They forecast rain and I arrived at the farm to find Richard and Adam bending over the new duckbath in their coats inserting a length of hosepipe to channel water from the spring into it.

The idea is to have an actual bath on the site so that when the farm ducks arrive they will have clean water to wash their eyes. But we know they will make the water dirty with their poo. So we will collect it in the water and channel it down an overflow pipe into a swale where it can water other places and be composted into a nutritious mulch for the vegetables.

At one point the dilemma was that we hadn’t blocked up the plughole so the water was escaping and we were just wondering what to block it up with when Adam who had been gone a minute turned up with-a bathplug! [Editor: he went and found one on another bath we had been given!!]

Later that day we set about tidying the barn with a place for everything and everything in its place, pieces of hosepipe with other pieces of hosepipe, nails, screws all together as the rain hammered down on the metal roof and the bathtub outside filled up with rainwater and springwater.
Milo Maguire, 24 July 2015

duck bathThanks to our neighbours who responded to our request for a bath on Streetlife. Here it is on a not so rainy day. Bit of landscaping to do before the ducks arrive, but the water from our spring is all plumbed in.