Farm Shop : 0900 to 1700 : Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (more…)

Volunteering : 1000 to 1630 : Friday, Saturday (more…)

Manure Day : 1430 to 1700 : Saturday Oct 07 (more…)

Community Bike Doctor : 1100 to 1400 : Saturday Oct 14 (more…)

Apple Pressing : 1000 to 1600 : Sunday Oct 15 (more…)

“Permaculture Southampton” : 1330 to 1530 : 3rd Saturdays; next meeting 21 Oct Sept (more…)

Aldermoor Community Farm is a co-operative of ordinary people working together to produce as much food as we can in a sustainable way.

We are restoring an acre of agricultural land that has been overgrown for many years. It is in the city of Southampton, UK. We are designing our farm using permaculture principles.

Here is our first annual report: Annual Report to Jan 2015.

And here is an overview of what we are trying to achieve in 2017.

This is why we exist: To nurture the potential of people and land